Sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are fundamental at Grupo AlEn.

AlEn Recycles is a collection program for PET and HDPE that invites everyone to collect plastic bottles to be recycled and receive a benefit in return, while contributing at the same time to the reduction of solid waste. 

We currently recycle approximately 2,200 tons of PET bottles a month, helping avoid contamination of our soils, rivers, and seas. In a matter of days, they become bottles for our products, which has led to our PET containers equal to or less than two liters being made with 100% recycled material. 

This is an initiative in which you can participate and contribute together with AlEn to have a cleaner and sustainable world for the benefit of current and future generations.

programa escuelas alen

Participate through our Collection Machines in Monterrey

Change your PET and HDPE plastic in our collection machines and receive money for each kilo delivered. Request your card on the 29th floor of the Administrative Tower in Citizen Pabellon that you can use in convenience stores, department stores, self-service stores and gas stations. Find your nearest storage machine on the map.