At Grupo AlEn today we celebrate 69 years working so our world can be a better place. Congratulations to our clients consumers, shareholders, suppliers, and mainly our people who, thanks to their talent and passion have contributed to positively transform the life of millions of people.

Together we have been able to transform the daily hygiene and wellness activities of millions of homes through leading brands in the market such as CLORALEX®, PINOL®, ENSUEÑO®, FLASH®  Y EFICAZ®. We have diversified into 12 brands and more than 30 products that are now present in 97% of Mexican homes, expanded beyond national borders and continue placing high above what is created in Mexico in more than 25 countries.

We improve the quality of life of the families in our communities, through different initiatives we have undertaken as Agroforestal, AlEn Recycles, Fundación AlEn among many other dreams that have become a reality.

Innovation and operational excellence has made us travel this pathway that now leads us to the 70th. anniversary. This is thanks to the talent of each of the AlEn employees who make up this great family. Thank you for being a key part of this organization.

"At AlEn we distinguish ourselves for the dedication, heart, and engagement of our founders and employees. Let's not lose our spirit of humility, and collaboration. Thanks to each one of you for making these 69 years a reality" mentioned Enrique García Gamboa Co-President and General Director of Grupo AlEn. "Celebrating today the 69th anniversary is the reflection of our continuous improvement We have a great treasure and value in our employees, our brands and with our clients" ended Mauricio García Muñoz, Co-President and General Director of Grupo AlEn.


Grupo AlEn: Best Sustainable Supplier

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Our Talent's passion is also lived while recycling.

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Recognized by PROFEPA due to our environmental engagement

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