Thanks to the practices with sustainable approach that Grupo AlEn carries out to benefit our environment, we were recognized this year with the award as "Best Sustainable Supplier for Walmart".

In this instance, thanks to team work and the collaboration distinguishing us, we were in the competition and the award was because of our achievements in our recycling program.

WWalmart delivered the award with the following speech: "In 2018, with the "Recycle to win", collection program in our stores, Grupo AlEn was able to collect 120,933 kg of containers, equivalent to recycling more than 3 million and a half of plastic containers, which were utilized again in the manufacturing of containers for their products generating a Circular Economy."

This is another reason why we continue walking toward a common goal: a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Thanks to all our clients, suppliers, consumers and the people who support us in this task to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.


Thank you! Leading brands in the market

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