We have the firm commitment with health and wellness in our community and therefore foster activities that promote hygiene and cleaning habits in the countries where we operate. As part of such activities, the previous month of March, Grupo AlEn through CLORALEX, leading Mexican brand in bleaches, gave COFEPRIS a donation for more than 9,000 educational materials based on the program 6 Health Steps with Prevention, such materials will be delivered to educational and health institutions in the most vulnerable areas in regards to sanitation in México.

With the purpose of ensuring effectiveness Fer wants to learn the 6 health steps with prevention, the content was created in a clear and fun manner, with simple activities such as the correct way to disinfect water before drinking or cleaning work spaces before preparing foods. The information is based on the Health Advice with Prevention Notebook eveloped and approved by COFEPRIS. This material represents audio-visual support to obtain the certification with credits in the program 6 Health Steps with Prevention qgranted by the Education Ministry.

The donation ceremony had the presence of Julio Sanchez y Tepoz, Commissioner for COFEPRIS; Jorge Antonio Romero Delgado, Commissioner for Sanitation Promotion, and Rogelio Tobón Camiro, Manager for Development of Risk Communication Strategies. The Commissioner recognized the support of Grupo AlEn in promoting these kinds of programs and thanked the collaboration of the organization in national emergency situations, where AlEn products such as CLORALEX have become the hygiene and cleaning solution in preventing disease such as cholera or chikungunya.

This is how Grupo AlEn joins the program led by COFEPRIS and reaffirms its commitment with health and wellness in the country.


Fundación AlEn brings cleaning and disinfection to Sinaloa.

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