We are celebrating. Last May 24, Biol. Jaime Eduardo García Sepúlveda Deputy Director of Environmental Audits and Prof. Xochilt Yin Hernández Federal Delegate of PROFEPA in the State of Jalisco granted the team at the Guadalajara Plant the re-certification as Clean Industry as a recognition for the improvement in the environmental performance and compliance with the required standards to be considered a clean production.

Among the best practices of the Guadalajara Plant, the decrease in electrical power, water, and LP gas, waste reduction, waste water discharges and total emissions outstand.

"We feel very proud that another plant at Grupo AlEn (in addition to the one in Monterrey, Puebla, Villahermosa, and Querétaro) receives this re-certification as Clean Industry, this is a clear demonstration of our efforts for continuous improvement, for a responsible management of our operations with the environment and our surrounding areas. Congratulations to all the colleagues in Guadalajara who made this possible" mentioned Vicente Vicencio Galindo, Director of Supply Chain.

The sustainability culture is an integral part of the business strategy at Grupo AlEn, together we contribute in the economic, social, and environmental development in the communities where we operate.


Grupo AlEn promoting the recycling culture in Nuevo León.

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