UA wonderful morning was experienced by AlEn Volunteers together with their families last March 23 joined by SOSAC, civil society organization that works in promoting sustainable development through local projects which is at the same time, supported by Fundación Alen. 

Since early in the morning AlEn Volunteers met in our facilities in order to depart to Parque Arroyo Santa Catarina in Monterrey, Nuevo León and start their volunteer work, and together with neighbors from the surrounding neighborhoods reached 100 people committed to this noble cause.

There was a little of everything from gardening gloves full of dirt to sharing, laughter and fun. Undoubtedly, the different activities carried out were enjoyed by all the attendees:

  • Cleaning of the site  - Garbage collection and plastic collection.
  • Land preparation
  • Species and spaces workshop.
  • Replanting – Native species were planted to return life to the park, improve its appearance and promote its use

We love to promote these activities among our employees and their families so together with the community, we improve our environment and contribute with our purpose of building a cleaner and more sustainable world. 


Guadalajara Plant, re-certified by PROFEPA as Clean Industry

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