On May 21, 1949, two visionaries from Monterrey, Mexico, founded Productos Químicos AlEn (Chemicals AlEn), today known as Grupo AlEn, a company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of household cleaning products.

Since then, Grupo AlEn characterizes itself by its values and entrepreneurial spirit. Our team’s talent and continued development is the key to our success. For this reason, we are committed to innovation, quality and environmental care, always working for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

The first products launched by Grupo AlEn were CLORALEX® bleach and PINOL® multipurpose cleaner, which quickly became products synonymous with high quality and brands recognized by consumers throughout the country. Since then, CLORALEX® and PINOL® have grown into 7 categories.

Grupo AlEn continually works to provide leading brands like CLORALEX®, PINOL®, ENSUEÑO®, FLASH®, EFICAZ® and other high quality products. Today, we have a portfolio of 12 diversified brands in more than 30 products, in the categories of bleach, liquid cleaners, liquid and powder detergents, fabric softeners, and dishwashing liquid. We are proud to be present in 94% of homes in Mexico, and have crossed borders reaching the markets of the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.

The pursuit of operational excellence and leadership in sustainability and social responsibility led us to develop additional capacities in our industrial division for the production of high quality raw materials under high standards of sustainability and social responsibility. Since the beginning of the 1990’s we have promoted plastic recycling programs with our collaborators and with the community in general; and today, we are one of the largest recyclers of plastics in Mexico, managing to recycle around 35,000 tons of HDPE and PET per year. In addition, we use 100% recycled plastic bottles.

We currently have 5 manufacturing plants for cleaning products, 9 manufacturing plants for the processing of raw materials and chemical products, and 6 distribution centers, all strategically located in Mexico. In 2011, we entered the agroforestry industry, forming GRUPO AGROFORESTAL, a company dedicated to planting and processing palm and pine for the sustainable production of raw materials, which has contributed to promote the progress of the Mexican countryside and the development of our communities. In early 2017, GRUPO AGROFORESTALstarts the operation of the largest and most modern palm oil extraction plant in Latin America. 

Our vision is to work for a cleaner and more sustainable world through continuous innovation to bring hygiene and well-being solutions to homes throughout the Americas, as well as raw materials and derivatives around the world. This is only possible thanks to the exceptional work of our team that stands out for its leadership, diversity, operational excellence and commitment.