• United States

  • Cloralen

    The CLORALEN® family products have provided North American consumers high performing solutions to help clean in depth different home areas, whiten white clothes, remove stains from color clothes and eliminate bad odors.

  • PINALEN® Multi-purpose Cleaner

    PINALEN® Original and PINALEN® Max Aromas have the power to take on some of your most difficult stains and mess.

    Use PINALEN® Original for the most rough cleaning tasks in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and more. You can also deodorize and clean your house with PINALEN® Max Aromas, available in four pleasant aromas.

  • ENSUEÑO® Fabric Softener

    ENSUEÑO® fabric softeners protects and aromatizes your clothes with every wash. Its new and improved formulation protects the color of your clothes and offers more than 35 days of freshness, leaving your clothes soft and with a fresh scent for many more days. Its hypoallergenic and plant-based formula protects your skin and your family’s every day. ENSUEÑO® is available in seven pleasant aromas.  

  • FLASH® Multi-purpose Cleaner

    FLASH® is a modern multi-purpose cleaner that offers good performance and fragrances that stimulate your senses.

    It is ideal in cleaning different areas at home, helping you maintaining it clean so you can enjoy your day during more time.

  • XTRA-PINE® Multi-purpose Cleaner

    XTRA-PINE® is a multi-purpose cleaner formulated with pine oil that deep cleanses deodorizes and removes stains all in one.

    It is ideal for cleaning floors, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, walls, and more.

  • PINE-O- PINE® Multi-purpose Cleaner

    PINE-O-PINE® delivers the smell of a job well done!

    For more than 60 years, PINE-O-PINE® concentrated pine oil cleaner has given consumers great results while cleaning and disinfecting their homes.

    It has a wide range of uses in different areas around the home, including kitchen and bathroom floors and walls.