On the occasion of the International Earth Day (April 22), at Grupo AlEn we carried out a celebration week, that was experienced among AlEn employees, their families, our communities and alliances with organizations and institutions. The commitment with the environment was highlighted during the week while carrying out different volunteering activities, climate change workshops, tree adoption campaign, and Daily EcoChallenges, activities that besides caring for our planet promoted family sharing.

The Earth Week started with a national workshop that served as prelude to learn more about the effects of climate change, delivered by The Climate Reality Project , non-profit organization founded in 2006 by former United States Vice-President Al Gore.

AlEn Volunteers set their hands on the task in replanting, rehabilitation, and cleaning of public areas and schools in vulnerable situation, activities that provided benefits to our neighboring communities. "These actions bring us together as a family and strengthen our commitment with the planet we will leave for future generations" mentioned Eliud Delgado, AlEn volunteer.

Among the main actions of the AlEn volunteers during the Earth Week there are:

  • Rehabilitation of Integral Education Center No. 1 in Villahermosa, the activities were reforesting and installations maintenance, achieving spaces that inspire academic development of pre-school children who study here.
  • Donation of endemic trees and AlEn product for Mariano Azuela Elementary School in Mexico City, with the purpose to support in restoring green areas and recreational areas in the institution.
  • The rehabilitation of the Youth Institute in Puebla, with painting, cleaning and maintenance activities in the institution.
  • Cleaning and rehabilitation of sports fields at Conchita Becerra de Celis Elementary School in Guadalajara, as well as delivering conferences regarding environmental care for the students.
  • Replanting and cleaning Park Eugenio Canavatti located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Activity carried out hand-in-hand with SOSAC, association that promotes the adoption of measurements, habits, and attitudes that protect our environment.
  • Installations maintenance at 5 de Mayo Elementary School in Querétaro, where the sports fields and benches were painted, as well as replanting green areas in the school. 
    In addition, we generated an alliance in favor of reforesting with the Organization Vida Silvestre A. C. (OVIS), where AlEn employees and their families adopted one of the endemic trees that Grupo AlEn distributed in their different locations in order to increase green areas in the urban zones in the country, improving the air quality by capturing CO2, decreasing noise and temperature fluctuations.

    Finally the different EcoChallenges to be met per day included activities such as tree adoption, water saving, promoting the use of ecological bags, conscious automobile use where AlEn employees invited their peers in carpooling, among others. 

    We appreciate each one of the AlEn employees who lived this experience, reassuring with this our commitment to work for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

    This is how we live our vision at Grupo AlEn!


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