México generates hundreds of tons of daily waste, which reach the landfills or remain in the streets, where they break down and generate emissions that pollute the air, besides affecting lands and oceans. At Grupo AlEn we recognize the need to promote an environmental awareness in our country and we share our purpose of having a cleaner and more sustainable world not only through our products, but also with the culture of recycling.

Thanks to different initiatives we were able to recycle around 40 thousand tons of plastic annually. An example is our program that consists in bringing environmental education to schools in the state of Nuevo León thanks to this action, the plastic collected is transformed in benefits for the students and the educational center. In addition, we simplify collection with six collecting machines in the areas with more traffic in Nuevo León and its metropolitan zone.
With these initiatives for collecting and recycling we expect to strengthen our environmental culture among the families in Monterrey.

We invite you to recycle at Walmart La Fe, Pabellón Ciudadano, Rayados Stadium, Tigres Stadium and the FUD Sports Center in San Pedro.

Recycling is a responsibility shared by all, and this is how at AlEn we enable the possibility for everyone to recycle and win.


Grupo AlEn joins the COFEPRIS program

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A decade recognized as Socially Responsible Enterprise

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AlEn recognized as the best logistics supplier for Walmart

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