• Central America and the Caribbean

  • Cloralex

    Since 1949 CLORALEX has been an ally in home, business, and institution cleaning, it has been present in natural disasters and has been a support in preventing infectious diseases, providing Mexicans with trust, safety and wellness.

    CLORALEX promotes love and pride for Mexico through its campaign Te Quiero México, Te Quiero Limpio Cloralex, inviting all Mexicans to carry out good deeds that make Mexico a better place to live.

  • Pinol

    PINOL is a brand that for more than 60 years has been conquering Mexican homes and providing cleaning solutions to our consumers. Since 1953 it has been established as a leader brand, reliable and innovative, able to face any cleaning challenge due to its powerful pine oil formula, becoming an unconditional ally in home cleaning, being additionally the only cleaner with more than 1,000 proven uses.

    PINOL, worried about the health and care of Mexican families, has been able to establish an emotional bond with our consumer, offering quality credentials, efficiency and cleanliness always ensuring the safety and welfare of households.

  • Ensueño

    During more than 20 years, Ensueño has been the softener caring for your family laundry with you.

    Inspired by you, we design quality formulas and fragrances that remain with you during the day providing you a feeling of freshness and care at any time.

    ENSUEÑO is a brand committed not only to current, but to future generations as well, therefore we are continuously looking for new technologies and processes that allow us to offer sustainable products and thus help in caring for our environment.

  • Sultán

    Sultán Muriatic Acid is your most powerful ally against tough challenges in your home.

    Sultán with its powerful formula eliminates 99.9% of the germs and returns shine to your floors. You can also use it to remove plaque and rust in your toilets, sinks and tiles.

    Return cleanliness to your home with Sultán