Sandra Hernández


Illustration by Kathya Rascón Agency 361

Sandra is originally from Tabasco. She has a 10-year-old little one, she is the older sister of 6 siblings, her father works in the fields and her mother does housework. From the age of 15 she began to work to financially support her family and to pay for her high school education. Sandra has been at Grupo AlEn for 8 years in the general services area. She describes working there as being part of a big family, a moment that changed her life and a great opportunity, since it has allowed her to start her professional studies. Sandra sells different products by catalog and door-to-door to supplement the cost of tuition to be able to finish her degree. She describes herself as a very brave woman who achieves what she sets out to do. Sandra wants to give the message to all women and young people that anything is possible if we make an effort, never settle and take advantage of all opportunities. She sees equality as something necessary so that all of us have the same rights. Her family and her friends see her as an example to follow. Something that fills her with happiness and pride. Currently her goals are to finish her career, finish building her house, have her own business and create networks with people just as fighters like her, all with the well-being of her family in mind and inspiring her son to always pursue his dreams. Her favorite activities are reading and helping her son with his homework. She lives by the motto: it is never too late to start, with a lot of patience and perseverance dreams are achieved. The best way to be successful is to overcome your fears.

“It is never too late to start, with a lot of patience and perseverance dreams are achieved. The best way to achieve success is to overcome your fears”.

- Sandra Hernández, General Services, Villahermosa.

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