We interviewed inspiring women from our AlEn family, these are their stories:
Illustration by José Carlos Alvarado Agency 361

Martha Galván

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Martha was born in Nuevo León and is the eldest daughter in a family of 5 siblings and is a psychologist graduated from UANL, where she also studied a graduate degree in Organizational Development.

Since she was young, her parents empowered her to do and accomplish what she wanted. Good organization, competitiveness and perseverance are qualities that represent her both in her work as well as personal life. She likes to be unstoppable on a day-to-day basis and make the most of it in activities that help her go forward. She has been in many curricular activities and sports that have forged his personality and always strive and fulfill what she sets out to do. “You can do what you want, but you have to comply… get organized, but you have to carry through, it is a statement that her cousin mentioned to her one day and she has adopted in her life and work.

She has been with the AlEn family for two years, and is currently working as head of Market Research. She joined AlEn through a referral due to her good work, good participation and of course, not being afraid of new challenges. Martha says she enjoys her work very much since she meets people in order to give them solutions and solve their needs, and she hopes to continue with the company for many more years. Her good principles, her intuition, inferences and being methodical in what she does are aspects that lead her life, and have led her to advance in this great family, and reach the position she currently has.

During her working life Martha has never felt left behind by any factor, because since she was a child she has not been afraid to adventure herself into new challenges or projects. She usually recommends people to dare and adventure into new challenges that they probably don't know how to do, but she mentions that, as you go along, it is important to always ask to learn and work to achieve it... "No matter how scared you may feel it is important to seek for new challenges and open doors that can be taken advantage of”.

Martha is a woman who likes to remain in the moment, without stopping to think about the future, carrying out the activities that can be a complement towards a new goal. For her, success is defined as the joy of having stability, being calm, and being able to help her family. In the same way, she shares with us that her hardworking spirit has led her on a good path.

"Dare to do it and keep going."

- Martha Cecilia Galván Flores, Head of Market Research
Illustration by Carla Andrea Martínez Agency 361

Mariana Hofer

Houston Texas

Mariana, proudly born in Guatemala where she lived with her family for 29 years of her life, currently lives happily in Houston, Texas with her husband and 2 daughters, 9-year-old Hanna and 6-year-old Emiliana.

She shares with us that she is a sports fan, running being one of her favorite practices. Running helps her to have mental clarity and analyze different problems and find a solution. Definitely highly recommend it.

Mariana has been working at AlEn USA for 7 years, where she is very happy and has been able to overcome several challenges. She is a marketer and her expertise is in the commercial area, and she currently works as Senior Brand Manager of the Ensueño brand, a very pleasant journey for her because, together with her team, she has been able to position it as the first Hispanic brand offering a complete service in the laundry area. Mariana shares with us that she sees the brand as a son, and that is why she takes great care of it and wants it to always be successful.

When she arrived in the United States, Mariana was not afraid to reinvent herself, starting her new life from scratch. She had to understand, search, research, and work to move forward, always keeping in mind her desire to start a family and settle her personal life. She is currently very stable, and she feels very grateful to AlEn since it opened its doors to her at a time when she still felt vulnerable with the transition, and her arrival at the company helped her reinforce a sense of belonging and commitment in her new life.

For Mariana, her mother Hilda is her greatest inspiration since, thanks to her leadership and the values of work and family that she instilled in her and her sister since they were young, she has been able to see the world in a more responsible manner. She also hopes to be a great example for her two daughters and inspire them to achieve everything they set out to do.

Mariana is characterized by being a passionate, generous, and responsible woman. Her message to other women is to seek their own voice, to be genuine in all their senses and strong with their decisions and endeavors. Let's seek unity among us, because together we can achieve great things. Let's continue building the future of our families and countries.

"Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself."

- Mariana Hofer, Senior Brand Manager
Illustration by Natalia Montanez Agency 361

Agustina Hernandez

Villahermosa, Tabasco

Agustina Hernández is originally from Villahermosa, proudly Tabasqueña. Wife, sister, mother of 3 children and grandmother of 2 grandchildren, for Agustina the most important thing is her family. She is described as a strong, orderly and disciplined woman.

She has 20 years of experience in AlEn, in the Evidence Reception area, which demonstrate the discipline, dedication and daily effort that it has been involved. It was not easy for Agustina to start her career at AlEn, since she had her newborn baby. This was one of the reasons why more than 20 years ago she decided to embark on a new path and look for a new job opportunity that would provide economic stability and appropriate benefits for her and her family. This new growth opportunity was found in Grupo AlEn.

Agustina says that she is completely happy and, above all, grateful to the company, for offering her a challenging work and, above all, well-compensated. Thanks to this, and with the support of her husband, they were able to buy their own house and raise their 3 children. Her children are her greatest admiration, and they are the result of daily effort, honest work and that trying everything is possible, says Agustina.

Agustina admires her three children: Deyner, Mayra and Alix. Specially the history of her daughter Mayra who has undertaken a trip to Mexico City to continue her education, and she travels alone and is independent. Her husband has also been a partner through good and bad moments, and her sister, who has supported the family in caring for their children while she worked.

Without a doubt, her advice to more women is: “Set short goals, finish your career, work and enjoy everything you have to enjoy and then get married and have children, since it is a much greater responsibility, first see for yourself, nurture self-knowledge and later develop as a family” as she shares.

Agustina describes herself as a fighter, strong, very disciplined and demanding with herself and those around her. Her colleagues know that she starts things with excellence and finishes them with the same excellence, since for her that is how life is, “never leave anything half done, things are done from start to finish, only then are goals met”.

"If it crosses your mind, it crosses your life."

- Agustina Hernández Pérez, Evidence Reception
Illustration by Berenice Tapia Agency 361

Susana García


Susana García lives in Querétaro with her family; she enjoys having relaxing moments with her favorite music and move forward day by day being an admirable role model for her younger siblings. Responsible, joyful and dedicated are some of the characteristics that define Susana, always believing in herself to do and achieve what she longs for.

When she was 19 years old, she finished high school and decided to join AlEn, where she was welcomed with open arms as part of a family with great camaraderie and support. She recognizes that starting to work as a data entry assistant at the recycling plant was a great challenge for her, but her motivation to continue prompted her to succeed in her work by being able to adapt, helping her develop and learn things she had never imagined. At the same time, she began her professional education with great enthusiasm in the Industrial Engineering career, being a great achievement and a reason to continue striving daily.

Thanks to the great inspiration from her working mother, Susana strives daily, both at the university and at AlEn, to pursue her goals with great persistence. She would love to finish her professional career and continue building a great future, with her own house and business. What encourages her every day is being able to know that she is a great example of dedication for her younger siblings, since they are part of her motivation every day. She would like them to also be on a good path just like her.

She would like to be recognized as a woman with a constant interest in acquiring new knowledge and hopes that, in the future, with her effort and dedication, she will inspire many people. Susana would love to advise all women that they can dare to do what they long for so much without the doubts about the future stopping us because, with the motivation to be the best role model for our family and with our daily effort, we can achieve great goals.

"Every day is our day."

- Susana García González, Production Operator
Illustration by Natalia Montanez Agency 361

Ana Elizabeth Martinez

Guadalajara Jalisco

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Eli came to the AlEn family on January 18, 2010 with the purpose of being the best version of herself day after day and being able to create a heritage for herself and her two children.

She currently works as a sales demonstrator, and although the pandemic modified the work model for many collaborators, she was one of the heroines who never stopped representing AlEn with clients and partners abroad. After all, helping people, even in the slightest way, is one of her main attributes.

Her days begin at 5 in the morning, together with her mother and a good cup of coffee before going to work, and after representing our brands during the day, she gets ready to pick up his children at their corresponding schools.

AlEn is a very important part of her life, because it encouraged her to be more passionate about what she does and has also allowed her to have a house and health to continue enjoying those she loves the most. She considers that her greatest achievement has been facing adversities that she thought were impossible to overcome and demonstrating that discipline and love for the people she loves have made her overcome them and move forward.

Eli is part of a family that does not stop trying, her father is her greatest inspiration; he was who taught her that life is a ship and she is who decides whether to give up when there are storms or take the lead so that it continues floating, always showing humility, simplicity and balance between heart and mind. This is how she seeks to give her children and her mother a better quality of life every day.

For her, the most important thing is self-esteem, and that is the message that she wants to convey to each of the members of our family: never abandon our aspirations, try to do things that we did not do the day before and always fight for what we want, and taking care of our mental and emotional peace. The priority must be, above all, to be calm in every aspect of our lives and not let anyone get in the way of that search, not even us.

"Always do what makes you passionate, put yourself first and fight for your dreams. Try to live according to your free spirit."

- Ana Elizabeth Martínez Hernández, Promoter
Illustration by Tomás Valdez Agency 361

Kathya Rascón

Mexico City

Kathya is originally from the City of Chihuahua, she grew up there and studied to be a designer. She is the oldest of 3 siblings and her family is the most precious thing in her life. Those who know her would say that she is a very joyful, creative, loyal and hard-working person.

Determination is also Kathya’s quality because she has many goals in life and does not stop until she achieves them. This led her to make a decision that changed her life. In search of professional development, she moved to Mexico City. She knew that it would not be easy since she did not know the city; however, she also knew that she had the full support of her family.

That is how Kathya began her professional career in design until she arrived at AlEn, where since the first day she felt that she belonged to this great family, and has witnessed the evolution and growth of the area where she works: Team 361. She has been in the company for 4 and coordinates a team to support TradeMarketing and E-Commerce with design; both teams have become a big part of her life where good coexistence and energy is something that makes her feel complete.

Kathya's main inspiration and motivation are those women in her life, her great-grandmother, her grandmother and her mother. These great women have marked part of her story; they have given her all their love and wisdom and have conveyed the search for self-love, self-development and family love. Although time has taken her great-grandmother, her presence and essence remain in Kathya's life.

Now she has created her own family where she shares what they have left her and one of the greatest achievements she personally has is having her own first home together with her husband. For her it is very important to take care of her family and her home.

When she observes the things she has achieved and her traveling in retrospect, she thanks the women who have accompanied her and for teaching her the values that are currently a characteristic in her. She invites other women to recognize and share the legacy and the pathway that all women who came before us have created, and remember and honor these figures who are or were present in our lives.

"What we have achieved is thanks to our effort and we must continue defending who we are."

- Kathya Carolina Rascón Fierro, Image Coordination
Illustration by Vianney De La Cruz Contreras Agency 361

María Lucía Corona


María Lucía Corona is originally from the state of Tlaxcala, and currently works in Puebla as part of the AlEn Medical Team in the Nurse position, a job that she is very proud to dedicate time and effort because she loves what she does and always helping others.

She is the mother of two children, 20 and 23 years old, who have also been inspired by her great service vocation in the health area, since both are studying medical school with the dream of helping those who need it most in the future. For María, it is her great pride to see her children continue advancing in their projects and undertakings, since along with their education, her daughter has a confectionery business, where she also supports her in her free time. She loves watching her children grow.

María would be described by her loved ones as a hard-working woman who fights for her dreams. This great example of inspiration comes from her mother, who took care of her from a very young age when her father passed away. She is the person she admires the most because of her good example and motivation in carrying them forward. She is very grateful for her teachings and for also being so good with her children, who see her as their second mother.

María has brought her mother's teachings of solidarity and cooperation to the AlEn family, where she has loyally worked for more than 15 years. What she likes most about the company is the work atmosphere and the leadership that exists for women within her area. She would like to continue working at AlEn, since she feels very aligned with its purpose and, in addition, the work environment in which she operates and her results are very rewarding.

On a more personal level, María is willing to continue supporting her children so they fully complete their medical degree and encourage them to study a specialty. Her greatest achievement has been the family unity between her children, her husband and her. The pandemic has not been an obstacle on that journey.

The message that María would give to all AlEn collaborators would be to accept yourself as you are, and not to forget that you can achieve everything you set out to do. “We are very strong and we can handle everything.”

"My mother is my example of inspiration, thanks to her I am what I am and I can pass it on to my children."

- Maria Lucia Corona Zepeda, Nurse
Illustration by Berenice Tapia Agency 361

Tania Castro

Mexicali, Baja California

Tania Gisela, graduated from the public administration degree and is a mother, daughter, sister and wife. Her beautiful family consists of her husband, and their 2 children: a 1 year-old baby, a 2 month-old baby, who was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a 16-year-old son. They are her greatest inspiration and motivation. Likewise, she has 3 brothers and has a fraternal twin brother so she is also her brother’s “cuata” (fraternal twin sister).

She is originally from Mexicali and her husband is from Guadalajara, and together in their 16 years of marriage, they have created a close and loving family. Her favorite hobbies are spending time with her family and enjoying every moment she has with them, no matter how short or long.

Tania has been in AlEn for 5 years, and during her time in the company she has had two positions. She started working due to a friend’s referral and her work started as Management Assistant. After some time, she realized that a vacancy position had opened at CEDIS in the Documentation and Orders area and she did not hesitate in taking on this new challenge. Tania says that she is very happy working in a company that is very tactful towards its employees and their needs. She really enjoyed her pregnancy and during the first months of her baby, she worked from home office, and it is something that she is very grateful to the company for.

Her goals and dreams are to continue growing professionally at AlEn to support her family. Tania admires her parents greatly for their example, since she says that they are strong fighters, and are always there to support her in every step of her life. They escorted her on her journey, and now she is a responsible, loving, positive person, and a person whose main driving force is the joy of her family, for whom she always seeks to grow and provide them the best. For this reason, her main achievements are her family, having her house, and different projects she has carried out during her life, where she has happily included them.

"Find happiness in every moment."

- Tania Gisela Castro Rodríguez, Orders and Billing
Illustration by Jaquelin Villareal Agency 361

Yessica Paola

28 years old, Toluca

Yessica Paola is originally from Toluca. At 28, she recognizes that the challenges she has had throughout her life are what have motivated her to be strong and set goals to pursue and achieve her dreams.

Yessica works as a Promoter at AlEn and is proud to have the organization's trust in dealing with large wholesale clients. She began her working life when she was 18 and her goal was always to work at AlEn although she felt it as a very distant dream. Almost two years after joining the organization, she has stood out for her commitment, tenacity and persistence.

For Yessica, her most important achievement is having her own house, where her 7-year-old daughter Yessica Pauleth feels safe and loved. Yessica is inspired by her every day seeing her grow. Being her role-model moves her so she can have her own goals, purpose and dreams. Every day she makes sure she repeats to her how loved and valuable she is and that she can be whatever she wants if she sets her mind to it, success has no limits.

Yessica also seeks her goal of finishing a professional career in Marketing and is determined to study for a Master's degree and then create her own business.

Her family describes her as an inspiring woman that nothing stops her and does everything. In addition to her work at Grupo AlEn, Yessica sells desserts, sweets and shoes. These characteristics are inherited from her mother Concepción, whom she admires a lot and whom she describes as “a fantastic woman”, who just like her, is always looking to go forward and overcome any obstacle. She discovered this after her parents decide to separate. It was then that Yessica realized what it all the effort and love that her mother put into her work to support her siblings and her. She also learned from Concepción how to value what she has, to love and support her family and that it is worth being herself, live and enjoy life.

"Success has no limits."

- Yessica Paola, Promoter, Mexico City
Illustration by Carla Aguirre Agency 361

Trena Jones


Trena Jones has lived in Houston for +20 years; she is married to her soulmate Clarence, a fire fighter and her best friend who inspires her everyday with his passion in wanting to help others. Trena enjoys reading mystery novels and whiskey tasting.

Trena has a bachelor in science in biology with a minor in chemistry and over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing, Trena is the Quality Control Manager in AlEn USA. She describes her job as being “The Gatekeeper for Good Products”, she says that quality is the key element for being successful and she always wants to make products better, all to make sure we deliver products to the costumers that meet and exceeds their expectations. Trena has worked for 4 years in AlEn, a family-oriented company and an excited place to be, as she describes it.

One of the things that makes Trena proud is working with women in poverty in a women’s shelter, helping them to prepare for the job market, by donating clothes and practicing interview skills. She is inspired the most by the little acts of kindness of people that you see on a day to day basis, whether be opening the door for someone, smiling to brighten someone’s day or paying for somebody’s coffee. It is the little things that show the good in people and that a lot of time go unnoticed what truly inspire her.

She admires her mother Candy, a very strong woman who always taught Trena there is nothing wrong in being different and to never be fearful to try new things. Candy passed away in 2012 to breast cancer, since then, Trena believes in living for the moment, that no day is promised and that you have to do the things you want to do right now.

Trena is sure that the key to anything is being yourself and being true to who you are, an important lesson for all women, men and young people. Trena expresses herself through her hair, switching up the color and the style. Most people describes her as a person who is always smiling and is happy all the time. She thinks that whenever you smile the world smiles with you. No matter how bad things may look like, a positive perspective can get you through anything and that starts with a smile in your face.

“Whenever you smile the world smiles with you”.

- Trena Jones, Quality Control Manager, Houston.
Illustration by Liz Saldaña Agency 361

Luz Elena

28 years old, Guadalajara

Luz Elena is an industrial engineer from Guadalajara Jalisco, she is the only child of a family with 2 mothers, made up by her mother Maria Patricia and her grandmother Angela, who recently passed away. At 28, Luz Elena has her own family with her husband, a 5-year-old daughter and an 8-month-old baby. Luz Elena enjoys drinking coffee, knowing new places and finding elements or symbols that remind her and keep her close to the people she loves the most.

Luz has been a Process Engineer at Grupo AlEn for 3 and-a-half years. Through information analysis, she is in charge of standardizing activities and processes in the production lines at the AlEn plants. For Luz, the most satisfying thing about her work is the recognition and trust she has received due to her skills.

Luz Elena started working since high school to pay for her education teaming up with her mother. Having finished her career and starting to build her family based on unity, love and the communication are among her greatest achievements. Everything she does is for her family; she works for them every day so they feel proud of her. She mentions the happiest days of her life as the birth of her children. She describes her daughter Angela as a very intelligent, helpful and noble person; she enjoys drawing, going to the park and cooking with Luz Elena, who as a child dreamed of being a Chef. Her son Antonio is distinguished by his smile, his happiness and his instinct to experience many things.

Within her professional and personal development, she would like to lead an engineering management position and continue developing her family, having a house and her own business. She likes to interact with people who bring her positive things, to whom she can turn for advice and feedback to improve as a person.

Luz Elena would advise herself as a child, to never to feel insecure about herself and that having suffered bulimia does not define her as a person, instead that she is a beloved, important, intelligent and beautiful woman. That she is not alone, that she has a family that loves her, and to fights for her dreams.

"Family is built based on unity, love and communication"

- Luz Elena, Process Engineer, Guadalajara.
Illustration by Diana Gutiérrez Agency 361

Martha Verónica

40 years old, Mexicali

Martha Verónica is passionate about history, reading and cooking. Born in Mexicali, she is 40 years old and lives with her husband Josué and her son Nico, 15 years old, whom she describes as her greatest pillars and inspiration in life.

Martha is a Production Operator at AlEn and has worked in the Ensueño® lines packing, labeling and placing caps on the product bottles. Martha mentions being very lucky to belong to the AlEn family and she describes it as one of her greatest achievements, starting to work and having an income. She dreams of growing within the company and one day being able to operate a machine, for this, she keeps in mind that one always has to persevere and achieve the goal.

Martha Verónica enjoys spending time reading, making handcrafts, and playing board games with her son. Since she was little she was always very creative and curious and when she grew up she wanted to be an archaeologist or a history teacher. In her adolescence, Martha suffered from bullying due to her overweight, now she recognizes the importance of self-care, but above all the importance of being kind to others and being kind to herself.

The woman that Martha admires the most is her mother. She was a great warrior and a great woman who advanced alone for a long time. Her mother was an important influence in the dreams that Martha now has. Among them is starting her own food business, never stop fighting to take care of her family, always be in good health and see the pyramids of pre-Hispanic civilizations in Mexico. She describes this experience as the possibility to experience history on her own and recharging her energy.

"You always have to persevere and reach the goal"

- Martha Verónica, Production Operator, Mexicali.
Illustration by Leonora Quintana Agency 361

Nora Idalia

Monterrey, NL.

Nora is originally from Nuevo León, she is the second daughter of a family of 4 siblings and is an Industrial Chemist. She is married, she has a daughter and soon will be a grandmother for the first time, for Nora her faith is one of the most important drivers in her life.

Nora loves and is passionate about her work, she is a perfect example of vocation. Nora has been a part of AlEn for more than 32 years and is currently part of the Research and Development team and has been a key element in the development of many of the product categories. She describes her daily activities at AlEn as "delivering value with a lot of passion."

From a young age and through AlEn she had the opportunity to travel abroad to develop professionally despite not knowing the language, living with dyslexia and being the first time she left the country. Her father Samuel, boosted her self-confidence making her recognize her ability, intelligence, and unparalleled resilience. Since that moment Nora has never moved away from a challenge and even now she looks for them and continues to surprise herself by overcoming them.

Nora grew up with AlEn and had the opportunity to meet and work with its founders. When her daughter was about to be born, she decided to take time away from work in order to dedicate 100% to the baby and enjoy the time and connection with Gaby to the fullest. 6 years later Nora became pregnant again, but that time she suffered the loss of her baby during pregnancy. This episode was overcome thanks to the strength of her family, her trust in faith and knowing that things happen for a reason.

A short time later, they called her again to rejoin AlEn to continue with great projects, challenges and innovations. One of the works that makes her feel proud is the reformulation of Ensueño using palm oil and its optimization. Her work on the rapid prototyping team has been instrumental in AlEn's latest product innovations.

Nora describes herself as a very blessed woman with a lot of love to give, who finds her happiness in putting her talent at the service of others. She likes to acknowledge the work of all team members, build trust and learn from them and for them to learn from her. Her favorite hobby is cooking and going for a walk to chat with her family.

Nora lives by the motto "Whatever you do, you have to do it well, do it for something greater than yourself, trust and always have faith"

"Whatever you do you have to do it well, do it for something greater than yourself, trust and always have faith"

- Nora Idalia, Formula Researcher, Monterrey.
Illustration by Mayra Viteri Agency 361

María Estela

53 years old, Puebla

María Estela was born in the state of Oaxaca, at the age of 9 her family moved to Puebla in search of a better future. She claims to be practically “Poblana” at heart, but always keeping her Oaxacan roots. At 53, she has 3 children and is the grandmother of an 8-year-old granddaughter. She has been separated for 15 years.

María Estela has been at AlEn for 16 and-a-half years as a nurse in medical service in the city of Puebla. She says she loves her job because it allows her to carry out her passion and that she is excited to continue working there for many years to come. With the COVID19 pandemic, her work has been modified and has taken on greater relevance, which fills her with pride to know that she can contribute even more to maintain her colleagues’ health.

Without a doubt for María Estela, her mother Julia is the woman she admires the most. When her husband dies, Julia took care of all her children and raised the family. A little less than 1 year ago Julia died of lung cancer and María Estela describes that her mother fought until her last day always full of strength and with a smile on her face.

One of the achievements that fills her with great pride is having her home and educating her children because Maria Estela wants to leave a positive mark on them being an example for them. She wants them to remember her as a responsible, persevering woman, who struggled and fought for her goals.

Maria Estela's biggest dream is to travel to see Machu Picchu. She describes herself as a woman who still needs to do many things and wants to do them. Her favorite phrase is "The stars are not the ones that determine the future, it's you", and writes it in her notebook every year, since this phrase represents that she has to fight and strive for what she wants until she achieves it.

"The stars are not the ones that determine the future, it is you"

- Maria Estela, Nurse, Puebla.
Illustration by Karina Sánchez Agency 361

Elizabeth Vega

40 years old, Querétaro

Elizabeth is from Queretaro and is married, with 4 daughters, and very close to being a grandmother for the first time. She describes herself as a responsible woman, with courage, with projects, with goals and as a good mother. Throughout her life, she has learned to be honest, hard-working and sincere, always seeking to convey this to her daughters.

She started her career at AlEn 5 years ago, starting in the general services area doing cleaning and maintenance. Currently she is a production operator in the recycling area, and is specifically dedicated to the separation of recyclable plastic in the selection area.

Her favorite flower is the gannet flower and her favorite hobby is playing soccer as a goalkeeper, a sport that she shares with her daughters and that has left her lessons, achievements, triumphs and some barriers, but more than that, it has taught her to live together and work as a team with others, to be a tolerant, responsible and patient person. In her 40s, she also enjoys going out dancing and meeting new people.

Elizabeth admires all women. For her, they are all admirable, because they all have qualities and because in some way, they all share their fighting, suffering, loving, crying and living. When she was little, Elizabeth dreamed of studying and preparing herself. However, in her family it was not believed that studying was an activity for women. She now recognizes that they were wrong, so she is determined to offer every opportunity to her daughters so that they can be whatever they want and decide to become.

A year ago, a very close person went through a difficult situation and tried to take her own life. Since then, Elizabeth has lived her life much closer to the people she loves the most, she pays special attention to being available and trying to understand better each of the different situations to help as much as possible. She mentions that living has taken on a new meaning and that happiness will always come first. Every day when she wakes up she repeats the phrase "Thank you for allowing us to live one more day, for what we have, for what you give us and for what you take from us." Elizabeth hopes that sharing her life experience will help people realize the importance of loving others and paying attention to signs of help.

"Thank you for allowing us to live one more day, for what we have, for what you give us and for what you take from us."

- Elizabeth Vega, Recycle Production Operator, Querétaro.
Illustration by Kathya Rascón Agency 361

Sandra Hernández


Sandra is originally from Tabasco. She has a 10-year-old little one, she is the older sister of 6 siblings, her father works in the fields and her mother does housework. From the age of 15 she began to work to financially support her family and to pay for her high school education.

Sandra has been at Grupo AlEn for 8 years in the general services area. She describes working there as being part of a big family, a moment that changed her life and a great opportunity, since it has allowed her to start her professional studies. Sandra sells different products by catalog and door-to-door to supplement the cost of tuition to be able to finish her degree.

She describes herself as a very brave woman who achieves what she sets out to do. Sandra wants to give the message to all women and young people that anything is possible if we make an effort, never settle and take advantage of all opportunities. She sees equality as something necessary so that all of us have the same rights.

Her family and her friends see her as an example to follow. Something that fills her with happiness and pride. Currently her goals are to finish her career, finish building her house, have her own business and create networks with people just as fighters like her, all with the well-being of her family in mind and inspiring her son to always pursue his dreams. Her favorite activities are reading and helping her son with his homework.

She lives by the motto: it is never too late to start, with a lot of patience and perseverance dreams are achieved. The best way to be successful is to overcome your fears.

“It is never too late to start, with a lot of patience and perseverance dreams are achieved. The best way to achieve success is to overcome your fears”.

- Sandra Hernández, General Services, Villahermosa.
Illustration by Karina Sánchez Agency 361

Mayra Garcia

Nuevo León

Mayra is originally from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. She is part of a large family of 10 siblings. She currently lives with her sister, her nephew, and her brother-in-law, whom she loves and appreciates very much.

Mayra has been collaborating with Grupo AlEn during a long time and has worked as general assistant, has participated in production in the pine oil plant. She was engaged in the beginning of the recycling plant and has currently been working in the Plastics Collection Center for 5 years.

Mayra describes her work at the Collection Center as an opportunity to transform the lives of the people who participate in the different Bottle Collection and Recycling programs. Her main responsibility is to introduce more people to the sustainability world, talking about the importance of caring for the environment while generating economic benefits for their families or social benefits for associations that help vulnerable groups. She enjoys listening to the different partners and schools in the program take pride in being actively involved in caring for the planet and is excited about the impact and growth that the program and her work are having.

Mayra is very proud of the different goals achieved hand in hand with AlEn. She had the opportunity to finish her high school and her degree in psychology, but she states as her greatest achievement being able to build friendships with many people whom she admires, loves and considers as part of her family. She enjoys continuing to dream and improve herself just as her mother and father wanted, whom she remembers with great love after their passing. One of her goals is to travel abroad and learn about other cultures and to be a role model and inspiration for her nephews so they know that there isn’t a specific age to study or do what you like.

Mayra finds inspiration in the trajectory of Mujeres AlEn, and considers them as an example of strength, improvement and dedication, finding the following: Alejandra Muñoz from the payroll department admiring her quality as an individual and for raising her family. Amada Alcala from Research and Development for her incredible professional career; Ramzda Torres for her leadership; Erika del Bosque and Osiris Ayala for their continuity and daily motivation.

Since she was very young, Mayra has repeated to herself: "Life is Beautiful, you have to value it, thank your family and your friends." She describes herself as a decided, strong woman surrounded by friends and love.

"Life is Beautiful, you have to value it, thank your family and your friends".

- Mayra García, Storage Supervisor, Nuevo León.
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Thank you to all the amazing women who participated in telling their personal and inspirational stories. They all touched my heart in a special/unique way and have reminded me of so many things to be thankful for and live by each and every day.

And here is an excerpt from an Irish blessing that my beloved grandma used to tell me quite often in my younger days:
"May the wind always be at your back!"


These are really inspiring stories, thank you for sharing them! Always proud to be a part of AlEn

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